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Research and Development

All SKF’s innovations for two-wheelers are the result of highly advanced research and development. Our R&D operations mean we can deliver solutions that increase performance, enhance technological standards and meet the needs of OEMs and the aftermarket alike.

In order to ensure that our sealing solutions can be relied upon, even in the most demanding of conditions, we focus our R&D on these four key areas:


Testing and analysis

The global network of testing facilities are equipped to fully validate the function and performance of two wheeler seals. SKF relies on test rigs that generate real application working conditions in which our seals are mounted. Additionally, SKF conducts in-field testing with the latest generation of motocycles and bicycles.



With more than a century of competency in moulded and machined seals production technology (compression, injection and transfer moulding). Irrespective of the manufacturing technology selected, our customers will always receive SKF high quality seals.


Materials development

Seals must resist increasingly rough application requirements, such as high temperatures, forces, pressure and contamination exposure. Specific media and lubricant properties must also be considered. We are continually at the forefront of material technology, developing elastomers, polyurethanes, thermoplastics and specialty materials.


Application development

In designing solutions, our engineers benefit from several state-of-the-art technological capabilities, including a proprietary design system to simulate sealing performance under a variety of operating conditions to provide the best solution for the application.