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Floating piston seal

SKF offers an integrated sealing module for the pressure reservoir of two-wheeler shock absorbers, providing low friction for a better riding feeling and reduced nitrogen permeation for a longer suspension life. The floating piston from SKF replaces conventional solutions that typically consist of multiple parts with one single unit.

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  • Integrated unit with metal stamping and specifically developed rubber compound
  • External sealing lips with reduced friction provide virtually no stick and slip effects
  • Central membrane function to compensate for small amplitude vibrations without the need for the piston to move
  • Good gas and oil separation


  • More stable operation due to reduced nitrogen permeation
  • Improved reliability as the special sealing lip design reduces oil leakage
  • Excellent dynamic sealing to avoid gas leakage
  • Better ride control and improved comfort through reduced friction and rubber membrane
  • Higher rider confidence as the rear wheel has more ground contact
  • Increased sensitivity for shock absorber tuning at the manufacturer, as there is less need to compensate for stick-slip and gas permeation over time
  • Simplified installation and logistics

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