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SKF fork seal kits for mountain bikes help riders enjoy low friction and maximum ground contact, whatever the terrain. Based on the same innovation as the equivalent parts for motorcycles, and available across a variety of major suspension brands and sizes, our front-end kits consist of integrated oil seal dirt scrapers, crush washers and impregnated foam rings. Together, the kits deliver better protection from water and dirt, and reduced wear.

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Fork seal kit

Fork seal kit for mountain bikes

Provide low friction during operation and maximum ground contact for the ultimate riding feeling

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Fork rod cartridge

Fork rod cartridge seal

Fork rod cartridge seal for reliable fluid separation and outstanding sealing performance

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piston seal

Piston seal for motorcycle and mountain bike forks

Offers superior oil/air retention inside two-wheeler fork and shock absorber applications

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air spring piston seal

Air spring piston seal

Innovative oil / air retention with refined seal design for oustanding sealing performance

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