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Air spring piston seal

The innovative sealing solution for superior oil/air retention inside two-wheeler fork and shock absorber applications.

The superior low friction NBR compounds combined with the refined seal design of SKF piston seals provide outstanding sealing performance in two-wheeler fork and shock absorber applications.


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  • Superior design for robust assembly
  • Sealing functions to prevent air migration
  • Dynamic lip shapes to minimize friction
  • Metal insert for optimum seal contact pattern to shaft and housing
  • Reduced axial space to provide more room for damping chamber
  • Wide operating temperature range for maximum sealing performance


  • Pressure sealing without losing performance
  • Superior sealing against oil/air migration
  • Minimized friction to enhance damping setting
  • Compatibility with a wide range of original equipment and aftermarket suspension fluids
  • Possibility to tailor designs to fit most applications
  • Simplified installation

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